Monday, June 01, 2009

We survived camping

Yes, we did. It was, more or less, a good time. The kids had fun and we had a nice time catching up with friends. Some of us got a little too much sun, unfortunately.

This past weekend, our excitement was all about the dogs escaping from the backyard. It started on Thursday. Polo escaped and ultimately ended up at the pound. He spent a night in "jail" for his troubles. Then on Saturday, a certain DH left the gate unlatched and both dogs escaped! Holy smokes! We were called about Polo and picked him up that same night, about midnight, but Echo doesn't come easy to people, so she just kept running. Someone found her early this morning and took her to our vet. She's a little beat up, but she's okay. Polo also managed to get out again today... we don't know how he's getting out, but we hope we've found the little hole... We'll see tomorrow.


PJ said...

I'm really concerned that "DH" might be short for "Dufus Head".

nutmeg96 said...

Whoa, your pups have turned into escape artists!