Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dumb Dog

So, Echo has a little UTI. She's been on antibiotics for just over a week and before they're done, I'm supposed to bring her into the vet for another urinalysis. Actually, I just need to bring in the urine, not the dog. Anyway, it was my plan to do that this afternoon, but then it started pouring. It was raining SO hard. I wasn't sure my plan and was going to wait it out based on the actual rain when I got home.

I called PJ from the car...he was home already. He asked me if I knew where Polo was. Well, I had been at work all day. No idea where Polo was. Apparently Polo was nowhere to be found. PJ and I got off the phone so he could make some other phone calls and change clothes and I called our home voicemail.

And yes, Polo had gotten out (this is a surprise to me because much like parents have to childproof a house, I have dogproofed the backyard. Echo is a little escape artist, so I've had to put rocks around the base of our fenceline and we had a 6' fence installed. The dogs can't jump the fence and I couldn't find anywhere he could get under...I'm stumped.) and a neighbor found him on a nearby street and took him to a local vet. She left the vet's number, but I couldn't do anything about that while I was driving, so I just drove straight to the vet. At this point, I have no idea if Polo's okay or not.

The vet informs me that Polo is okay and that Animal Control has come to pick him up. Okay, I live on the east side of the county. And it's 5:15pm when I call the shelter. The shelter is like 45 or so minutes away on a good day. It's raining and rush hour - it's not a good day. So, they confirm that Polo is there and that he's just chillin' in the cage and that I have until 6pm to get him and it's going to be $35. I told the nice lady that there was no way I could get him by 6pm and she said if I got him by noon tomorrow, the charge was still $35 (he was picked up sometime after noon today). After noon it was the $35, plus a $15 boarding fee, so $50. Hmm... $15 a day is a GREAT price for boarding. I'm tempted to leave him for a week.

Instead, I hope I can leave work early tomorrow and I'll swing by the vet's with a sample from Echo and then drive to the middle of nowhere and get Polo and then I'll come home and dagnabbit if I don't need to get my nails done and grocery shop too tomorrow. *sigh*

On another note, I do believe this has to be the wettest May on record. I'm ready for a break!

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kgiff said...

Oh man... when it rains it pours -- literally. Between this and the baby Robin...