Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yesterday was Lisa's birthday, but she's in Jamaica, so I can't tell her happy birthday until she gets back.

Today is my dad's 10 year wedding anniversary with Kelly. Congrats!!

In one week and one day, Ethan will be 11 years old. HOLY SMOKES!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finally, the Pictures!

Hanging with Gram!

Woohoo! Indy Cars!

Celebrating July birthdays.

Getting ready to enter Soak City.

And all 130 others for your viewing enjoyment!

Friday, July 21, 2006

These are some bad kids!

I received an email today with the subject "My child's last day on Earth." Oh great, another sappy, tear-jerker, touched by a child email. Just what I need.

And then I see this picture.... LOL!!

**I don't know whose kids these are or who took the picture**

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We’re back!!

I’ve been lacking in my blog updates because we’ve been on vacation. Let me bring you up to speed.

Tuesday, July 4, Ethan had his all-star game. They won 12 runs to 7 or something! It was a pretty good game and first place is fun! PJ and I watched the fireworks from the top of a garage at the Reston Town Center. Pretty nice stuff.

Thursday, July 6, at 930am, we packed up the kids in the car, including my stepbrother, and shoved off for OH and PJ’s family reunion. We hit Soak City and Cedar Point. We had plenty of family time and good food at the reunion. Along the way, we acquired PJ’s nephew, Aaron, who was to go to IN with us.

Wednesday, July 12, we headed for IN to visit Gram. It took only 5 hours, with a small 2-hour lunch detour at Aunt Becky’s house in the Columbus area. It was great to catch up with Bec & Scott for a bit and to see their house. Once we got to Gram’s, we unpacked, sorted laundry and then had dinner. Aunt Alex came by for dinner too. Thursday, we hit the Indy Motor Speedway. And the kids played pool and ping-pong. Friday, we hit the pool and played some more pool and ping-pong. We also had to pack. Saturday morning, we loaded into the truck and started on our trip home. We left at 830am and got home at 745pm! We made great time. Sunday was spent organizing, celebrating some July birthdays and then finishing laundry.

I have hundreds of pictures to sort and upload (over 500). I’ll get to them soon.

This week, I have no idea what’s going on. PJ’s kids left for the beach today. Well, Megan went to camp, but the other two went to the beach. Their great-grandfather isn’t doing very well, so we’re waiting to hear on him. Ethan is back at his dad’s.