Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeah, whatever

So, okay, I'm like 2 months behind. Sorry, I've been busy. I'm not going to even try to get to pictures anytime soon. HA!

Happy post Memorial Day. Hope it was a good weekend for you.

We were busy. Four BBQs in 3 days. Was really nice to see PJ's family from the NJ area. They came down to MD and we went up. Nice time. :)

Ethan only has a few baseball games left... I'm very happy about that...tired of all the running around. Ethan went to FL this weekend with his dad for his Grandma's wedding. Congrats to Patty and Barry!!

Um...I'm sure there's more... Joe's home from school. Not sure if he's working yet. HELLO boy...get a job!

Megan, Sam and Ethan are all ready to get out of school. I don't blame them. Ethan and Sam seem to be doing really well. We're not sure about Megan yet.

Work has been SO busy. I'm in class the next two days and Ethan has a game on Wed night... busy, busy, busy. Can't wait for the weekend again! LOL