Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be impressed

Look, I have been WAY behind the 8-ball for months now and here I am posting twice in less than a week. Just barely less than a week, but I made it nonetheless.

PJ posted a bunch of pictures recently. I wish I could remember what they are of... wine festival at least. I know there was something else too. I don't remember what (and I'm not motivated to go check out our site. You can do that yourself). doh! :P

In other news, I've started Christmas shopping. This year, since the kids are older, we told them that we are getting them one big gift and then everything else will be stocking stuffers. Now, we've never done stockings in this family (maybe they have at other homes, but not mine), so, we had to get stockings. Pottery Barn was having a FAB sale and we ordered stockings on Friday night (or was it Saturday night?). Anyway, there was free shipping and free personalization and most of the stockings were on sale. I was able to find six different stockings and they arrived YESTERDAY! Holy smokes that was fast! I'm impressed. The quality is good too. It's perfect...not too expensive, but not too cheap. I am so ready to start filling them.

I can't wait to open presents now. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

I was checking out video games last night. We have an Xbox 360, courtesy of my previous boss who had decided he was done with it. Anyway, I was looking for a good game that would appeal to me, and possibly the kids, but PJ too. I don't much care for games that are all shooting/killing, etc.; I'm not into sports games or driving games. I'm pretty lame like that. Anyway, does anyone remember Castlevania ? That's what I want to play. lol. They don't have one for Xbox 360. There's one for the regular Xbox, but the 360 is not backwards compatible for that game. CURSES!

Well, that's enough random rambling for this week.

Happy (early) Halloween!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Discovered - Wild Cherry M-n-M's

I just discovered the limited edition Wild Cherry M-n-m's and I LOVE THEM!!!

Sorta like a cherry cordial, but not. Very yummy. :D

Go buy some and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the Chimney's Clean...

We had some chimney sweeps come out today and check over the chimney and clean it and do whatever it is that they do (not tap dancing on roofs, for one). It's good to have that done. It's recommended that they come yearly, but we're on the every other year plan. ha! We don't burn sticky wood or miscellaneous things, so I'm comfortable with that schedule. So, now we have a nice toasty fire burning. It's helping keep the house a pretty decent temperature, which is good (since you know I hate to be cold).

In other news, Ethan's dad was married this past weekend. Congrats to Corky and Courtney! I believe it was a good time. Ethan had fun.

PJ and I attended a hot air balloon festival with Mike and Judi and their twins. There was a wine tasting too. Mike and PJ got quite toasty there too. **shrug** It was nice to catch up with Judi and we had a fun time taking a hay ride, petting some animals and just walking around at the festival. No hot air balloons while we were there (they had launched early in the morning and it was too windy in the afternoon for a launch).

Later that day (it was Saturday), we went to see my mom, Bo, and my sister was in town also. We had dinner at Panera (take out) and watched some of The Pirates of the Caribbean. I left there with my sister's dog as we're dog sitting him for about a month. Weller is adjusting nicely, but is still learning the routine and the pecking order. He's a real sweetie (usually) though!

PJ and I went to a wedding on Oct 11. Here are the pictures. Congrats to Maria and Phil! Kerry was their photographer and here are her pictures.

I guess that's enough updating for now. Better save something for the next one. :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

PJ's 20 year Reunion

So, PJ's 20 year HS reunion was last weekend. Check out the pics here:

Reunion Pictures

Hello there...

I'm finding things are getting stabilizing at work...I'm still busy, but I feel like I'm catching up. I've had to let a few things go around the house. The laundry for instance, it's done but not put away. I don't seem to have enough time to do it all. Oh well.

This weekend we have Maria and Phil's wedding, PJ's Mom's Family Reunion, Tina's Birthday Party and fortunately, I don't have any plans for Monday (thank goodness for long weekends).

Wishing you a happy, long weekend!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To our October Birthdays!

Courtney, Oct 5
Tina, Oct 16
Trisha, Oct 23
Corky, Oct 24

Hope your day is great!