Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Official...

We've started planning for the block party. Info to my fellow planners went out tonight!

Mark your calendars - Sunday, Aug 31.

PJ and I just got back from vacation...I'm so behind on everything, including blogging, as you can see. As soon as he uploads our pics, I'll post links. Ten days was a long time to be gone, but it was good to see family (PJ's in OH, Mine in IN) and then we did the touristy thing in Gettysburg...the kids will thank me when they're older. ha!

I hope we're going to see the new Batman movie tomorrow (The Dark Knight as if you hadn't heard). We'll see if it fits into our schedule!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Quiet Sunday

So we were supposed to have Samantha's birthday parties (notice it's PLURAL) this weekend. We had a small scheduling conflict arise and had to cancel them. It's made for a very quiet and relatively unproductive weekend. ahahahahahah.

On Thursday (Sam's birthday, but she was at her mom's), we had a few friends over since there was no work on July 4th and everyone could sleep in!

On July 4, we swung by a BBQ and then headed to a friend's house where we could watch fireworks off the back porch (and escape all the traffic). Good times. We left there a little later than I hoped. Saturday morning came to early.

We picked up all the kids on Saturday morning and headed home. I had a few errands to run and then I parked my backside on the couch to finish a book I had started a week or so before. I finally got up to shower (stinky!) about 5pm. We were taking Sam and the family out to dinner at Friendly's. Now THAT was a fancy meal. :P After dinner and ice cream, we ran a quick errand at Wal-Mart (which makes me want to poke my eyes out). When we got home, Ethan had a friend spend the night, Megan went to a friend's house and I finished the book!

Sunday has been a lazy day. PJ went to breakfast with Joe. I did manage to get almost all the laundry done (should probably go check on it now) and I also made Sam's dinner for lunch (we ate around 2pm) - chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, corn and watermelon. She was happy as a pig in mud and the other kids didn't complain either. With the help of some of the kids, I made all the labels for PJ's father's day gift (one of those small hardware sorting cabinets for hanging in the shed). All in all, I am glad the weekend was low key.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our July birthdays!

July 3 - Samantha (16!!!!)
July 15 - PJ's mom
July 25 - Lisa

Hope it's a happy day for you all!