Friday, August 24, 2007

Updates to this blog!

More updates coming to this blog soon. I've got some picture things I need to figure out. But once I do...Look out! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Either way, I added a few links under friends and finally switched out Google News for something much more important (to me!) - Children International (I've been a sponsor for 10 years!) . You can sign up to be a sponsor too!

I might even find some ways to add some other cool things on the site. or not, but it's a hope.

In other news, Joe has a fancy new cell phone on it's way to our house. He's been added to our plan. No change in number, but heeelllloooo free mobile-to-mobile (he's on Verizon if you're IN too). I also switched us all to a plan with unlimited text messaging....since we seem to go over a bit. oops.

BLOCK PARTY NEXT WEEKEND...9/2, noon-whenever. If you don't have our address and want to come, you can email me, or comment here. Woohoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vacation Recap

I’m sorry this is so late, but for real, I’ve got stuff to do beside just write about our adventures as a family…I do wish I could just write, but you know…

Anyway, so, here’s how our vacation went.

We drove down to Lake Anna on Saturday, 7/28. It didn’t take too long to get there. The house we stayed in was a beautiful log cabin. All of PJ’s family came (though Pat came later) and then there was us five. Joe couldn’t come (silly work is always getting in the way of fun!).

Upon arrival and after the initial tour, we had to unpack our luggage and food. After a little unpacking, several of us women-folk went to the grocery store to get some food.

Each night, a different person/family was responsible for dinner. It worked out well. We spent a lot of time swimming and some time boating and tubing (unfortunately, the boat was a little finicky and didn’t always work). I managed to read two books. We also played games and worked on a very challenging puzzle.

Patty, Byron, Cathy, Elana and Marc came down one day. Cheryl, Tyree and Zamir, Mike, and La came down also and Kerry came down on Friday (pics here - search for "Ethan's Birthday" requires registration).

Anyway, it was a good time and we’ve discussed doing it again sometime.

On Saturday, 8/4, PJ’s family went home and we five headed to Williamsburg to see my mom, sis and bro and their respective SOs and Nickel. Cute! We hit the pool and just caught up for a bit. We had dinner at Second St.

On Sunday, we descended upon Busch Gardens and had a blast. It was impossibly hot, but then there was a serious downpour. We got *almost* all the rides in. I didn’t ride the Griffon, but I got on the Loch Ness Monster and the Big Bad Wolf (which is my new favorite). I wish every ride could be the BBW. LOL

On Monday, we came home and unpacked, unloaded and returned kids. I’m glad to be home…it’s nice to sleep in our own beds again.

The dogs missed us, but they loved hanging out with Seth and Bailey. Rumor visited us for a few days, but she was very happy to go home when the Saylors got home!

You can see the previous post for the links to the pictures.

We're Back!

So we're back from Lake Anna. Yeah, we've been back for almost 2 weeks, but there's a lot to do when you get home from vacation. I *just* finished all the laundry. phew!

Here are the pics of Lake Anna and Williamsburg. There are a lot. I didn't edit them. Sorry, but just be glad there are pics at all!

Look at this neat picture of Ethan. One of the kids took it while might have been a self-portrait.

Anyway, I've noticed I've been doing a lousy job of wishing people a happy birthday ON their birthday here (the blog). I had hoped I could do it the day of (or close) for everyone. Since I can't seem to keep up, I'm just going to list them and wish them a birthday all at once. It's already August, but let me recap July... July 3, Samantha; July 15, Mom/Judy; July 25, Lisa. Happy (belated) Birthday!

Now, for August birthdays:

Aug 3 - Ethan
Aug 6 - Bill
Aug 12 - Dad/Pat
Aug 21 - Kelly H

I think that's all of you. Happy Birthday to you all!!!