Thursday, October 08, 2009

Since June? Really

My last post was June 15. Holy smokes! Where have I been??!!!

I don't even want to bother to think about it.

Last night, we had groceries delivered by PeaPod. It's sort of like Christmas. I order food and then 3 or 4 days later, it arrives at my door (and the driver carries it to my kitchen <3 ) and then I open all the bags. I usually can't remember everything I ordered, so it's very exciting. Ooo! Granny Smith AND Honeycrisp apples! I don't remember ordering the Granny Smith apples, but no big deal. There are only two.

Anyway, I ordered a Butternut squash. I found that in the bag and found it to be particularly funny looking. I eyed it looked like a green pumpkin - almost. Butternut squash does not look like a green pumpkin. I was worried I was sent one of those decorative gourds and not something we could eat. And then I read the sticker...ButterCUP squash! I've never had that before. Fortunately for all of us, the sticker listed a website with recipes on it. It turns out that it will probably be pretty similar to Butternut or Acorn squash for cooking and seasoning. Thank goodness!

I think we'll try it this weekend.

Have a great weekend - I hope it's a long one for you! :)