Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The CUTEST Love Story Ever

My grandmother, let's call her Gram (that *is* what I call her!) and my grandfather were married a long time ago. I don't know the year, but it was like about when she was 19 years old or something. They were not high school sweethearts and he was older than her. So, they get married, they have a bunch of kids (six, to be exact), they moved around the US and whatnot. And then a few years ago, my grandfather passed away. Something with his heart, though we're not exactly sure what. He lived a long, productive life and my grandparents were married about 57 years when he finally passed away.

As you can imagine, this was hard for Gram. And why wouldn't it be? She had spent almost her whole life with him and they raised a family and did their thing and suddenly she was alone. She missed him and was adjusting to life on her own.

Well, sometime this past spring/summer, she was talking to the woman who was the maid of honor from her wedding. Well, that maid (now a matron and a grandmother too!) was telling her about an old friend from high school that Gram knew who had recently lost his wife. Let's call him Jerry (since that's his name!). Anyway, my grandmother, being the sweet, sympathetic, empathetic woman that she is, sent a sympathy card to him. They had not talked in many, many years (like about 63). Well, lo and behold, he wrote her back. And then they exchanged emails and phone calls (email, that's awesome, they're both in their 80's!).

So, then my dad (Gram's eldest son), lets me and my siblings know that Gram has started dating this guy, Jerry. And after the initial suspicions (are his intentions genuine??) were placated, I heard a few more details from my dad and then I spoke to Gram on the phone. Don't you know that this was my Gram's HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART???!!! They dated all through high school and then he broke it off because he was concerned they were getting too serious. Holy smokes! So, he went his way, got married, entered the military, had four sons and then at some point his wife got really sick. She ultimately passed away after a long battle with her illness.

Gram tells me all about him and what he does (retired dentist) and his family and his home. My dad and most (if not all) of his siblings have met him and found him to be a nice guy. I can tell from the pictures that they were all adjusting to things still, but my grandmother was BEAMING!!! She is as giddy as a teenager! She is so excited to reconnect with him and after some discussion, they have decided to get married. They're planning on an April 2010 wedding and she'll be moving to his house at that time.

I am so excited for her and thrilled that she is happy. I look forward to meeting him (not sure if I can go to the wedding yet, but if I do, I'll let you know). *sigh* Isn't that just the cutest story? :)


Dana said...

Awwwwww! That is so cute!

Missy said...

lol. yes. :) got your card today!

Two Shorten the Road said...

I love this story. <3